We create and improve software for businesses like yours.

Create or improve your software

In addition to general software consulting, we do early-stage webapp design and development, including prototypes, minimum viable products, and more mature products.

We handle everything:

  • sanity-check and tighten up requirements and scope
  • estimate time & cost to implement
  • design & develop your software, from the data store to the front-end user interface
  • perform simple server buildouts
  • integrate with your own and third-party APIs

Save you time and money

We also specialize in automating work and help your employees be more productive.

We optimize:

  • review your processes
  • work with your employees to fully define processes
  • identify inefficient tasks and employee pain points
  • automate processes to save your employees time and frustration

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Firesteel Team

Headshot of founder and lead developer Jeff Kayser

Jeff Kayser

Founder and lead software architect

Over 15 years of professional software development experience have given Jeff broad knowledge of computing and the ability to figure out how to solve nearly any business problem using software. Jeff boasts strong attention to detail and the patience to fully understand a business need and break it down into small, easily digestible and solvable components.

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Headshot of developer Anthony Fuentes

Anthony Fuentes

Full-stack software engineer

Anthony has helped teams in a variety of fields take projects from design to deployment. He is passionate about maintaining a strong feedback loop in order to ensure clients' visions are realized precisely and fully. In addition to being capable across the full stack, Anthony has experience designing user interfaces and distilling project specifications.

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